Meet Your Urgent Care & Primary Care Doctor in Dallas TX

OnsiteMD is a direct primary care clinic in Dallas TX, that provides high-level, instant access health care with transparency, integrity and help reduce overall healthcare cost for individuals, family, and local businesses.  OnsiteMD provides care via a membership model to individuals and families along with self-employed and businesses.

Who are we?

OnsiteMD is a primary care practice in Dallas TX,  providing the highest quality and value medical care for individuals, families, and businesses.  OnsiteMD works directly and exclusively with our clients.  One nominal monthly primary care membership fee will cover the vast majority of primary and urgent care services needed by our clients.  OnsiteMD was founded by Dr. Howsen Kwan, MD, MRCS.
OnsiteMD works directly with our member clients.  Our mission is to provide the highest value with 24/7/365 comprehensive and personalized patient-focused medical care in a convenient and comfortable atmosphere.  We are driven to become long-term partners with our clients; assisting them to achieve the best health possible.

What our happy patients say

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