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For any of us, a midnight fever can be a nightmare. Whether it’s you, your spouse, or your little one, that sudden bug or weekend infection can be a big problem. Going to a clinic on the weekend can mean long waits and less-than-thorough treatment. A late night ER visit can be more costly than necessary, especially when the solution to the problem is fluids and a round of antibiotics.

Times like these are when you need your primary care doctor in Dallas most, but often we find that these are the times when our primary care doctors aren’t available! With limited availability and hefty patient rosters, it can be hard to see your doctor during normal hours, let alone in those desperate, unexpected times late in the night.

It’s these troubles that Onsite MD is built to fix! By enrolling with Onsite MD, you, the patient, have 24/7 access to our doctors for any sniffle or belly ache that strikes. We believe in any time healthcare and provide around the clock service to make sure you get the attention you need when it matters most.

The best thing about our 24/7 Dallas primary care services is that you can get urgent care from your Onsite MD primary care physician from the comfort of your home. Depending on your ailment, it can be difficult to get yourself or your family member to a medical facility. With Onsite MD, you have health care service at your fingertips. Just call, text or video chat our doctors to get immediate care services right in your own home.

With unlimited visits available through our memberships, you never have to worry if you can call us. Unlike other programs, we understand that every patient has different health needs and that some need care more often than others. We never want our patients to have to turn to expensive hospitals and packed urgent care clinics. Our patients deserve high-quality, attentive care 365 days a year. It’s important to us that our patients always know we’re available to them when they need our care and support.

Along with this, we provide unlimited medical procedures, urgent care sick visits and NO co-pays! That means, no matter the predicament, no matter the time, you will be able to contact us for help and not pay extra for the visit. For just the monthly price of your membership, you can get all the care we can provide, 24/7, at prices affordable for nearly any Dallas resident.

Our priority is providing excellent healthcare that is available any time you need it. Your body doesn’t schedule sickness around your primary care doctor’s hours and you shouldn’t have to schedule your treatment around them, either. With thorough, easy and convenient healthcare, we can give our patients all that they deserve around the clock, every day of the week.

Don’t settle on healthcare built around another person’s schedule. Find the best primary care physician in Dallas for you at Onsite MD. All of our highly-trained and friendly staff are focused on giving you the best possible care available in Dallas, TX. Enroll today and get access to the best and brightest doctors in Dallas 24/7/365!

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