Reinventing Primary Care in Dallas

OnsiteMD provides employers with solutions that can save companies up to 60% on their healthcare costs while providing their employees unprecedented access to our trusted physicians. Our custom OnsiteMD memberships increase employer healthcare plans’ affordability and improve primary care in Dallas. Along with 24/7 physician access and unlimited visits, OnsiteMD members also enjoy:

  • Flat, low fee for your employee primary and urgent care needs
  • Bottom line savings with OnsiteMD memberships paired with high-deductible or partially self-funded health plans
  • Dedicated experts that develop customized healthcare solutions for your company

What’s Included

  • Unlimited office visits, 24/7 access to your doctor (phone, text, video or e-mail)
  • Unlimited urgent care visits
  • No co-pays
  • Same or next day appointments
  • Highly discounted labs, imaging and prescription medications

The OnsiteMD Difference:

Our physicians are immediately accessible and can always accommodate same and next day appointments for urgent matters. Our expert physicians are dedicated to employee health and thus the success of your company. From routine checkups to the referral of sophistic procedures, OnsiteMD professionals provide cost-effective solutions where the traditional healthcare system is failing.

OnsiteMD physicians are accountable for all aspects of employee health. By engaging one-off occurrences and costly chronic conditions with complete transparency and top-tier resources, OnsiteMD is one of the most trusted providers of primary healthcare.

Traditional primary care networks are cumbersome. The advantage of OnsiteMD and the patient environment we provide is not only evidenced by the cost-savings that we transfer to employers, but also by the amount of time saved. Enjoy unlimited visits and 24/7 access to professional physicians that are provided more time and resources to address patient needs without the wait.

Strategies for partnering Employer Health with Onsite MD

Onsite MD saves companies 20-45% of healthcare costs on average. It’s a simple concept – let OnsiteMD take care of your employees’ primary, urgent and wellness care by pairing memberships with a high-deductible health savings account or self-funded health plan for larger medical needs.

  1. OnsiteMD + HDHP: By switching healthy employees to a high-deductible health plan, monthly premiums decrease while OnsiteMD takes care of all of your primary and urgent care needs. Savings are immediate. Coupled with a HAS, employees receive tax-free money for health expenses.
  1. OnsiteMD + Self-Funded Plan: Companies with two or more employees are eligible to “self insure.” Essentially, the company assumes and manages the insurance risk, which in turn necessitates effective risk management. OnsiteMD is an excellent tool in this case. By providing better access and a higher level of primary care, frequency of costly downstream claims, unnecessary specialist referrals, and unneeded tests are lowered.


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