5 Reasons to have a primary care doctor

5 Reasons to have a primary care doctor

In recent years, there has been a growing need for people to have a primary care physician. Research has shown that people who seek these services are healthier and have a lower chance of dying from chronic diseases like cancer since they are detected in early stages where recovery rate is higher. A primary care doctor practices general medicine and does not necessarily specialize in one area. Below are reasons to have a primary care doctor.

Receive Holistic Healthcare

Primary care doctors are general doctors and they deal with the smallest of ailments like a cough, headaches and fever. You can also seek their help when you are facing mental or emotional problems. They deal with a little bit of everything and they could help make a diagnosis or referrals to specialists in serious situations.

Early detection and management of chronic diseases

Primary care doctors offer routine screening, measuring blood pressure etc. These checkups may detect symptoms of chronic health issues. This early detection will give you a higher chance to treat or manage these diseases. Primary doctors will also help you manage lifestyle diseases like arthritis, lupus and diabetes. This is especially for people with family histories of chronic diseases, for older people and for kids to keep them healthy at all times.

Helps lower overall health costs

Although it might seem tedious and expensive to constantly visit a primary care doctor, research by Journal of Health Affairs shows that it saves you a lot of costs in the long run that would have otherwise been incurred seeking specialized treatment on diseases that would have been managed earlier. A primary care doctor doesn’t necessarily have to deal with you when you are sick. They are a very important source of information in matters regarding weight management, alcohol and substance abuse and anxiety and stress management.

Creates comfort and openness with your physician

With your primary care doctor, you have the advantage of openness and complete care. This is because they know all the medicine and any supplements you might be taking, they are at a position to order the right tests and diagnosis you need at each stage, you get clearer details because they understand your medical journey and finally they are transparent with you because they have all the records from your routine visits. They have a clear view and clarity on your health history which is important in prevention of diseases and management of any conditions you might have.

Reduce visits to the ER and hospitals

It is estimated that 13%-27% of visits to the ER and to specialists are cases that could have easily been prevented by a simple routine visit to a Primary care doctor in the USA alone. There are many interventions that a primary doctor can do to prevent these visits because they help you detect symptoms before they explode into dangerous stages, they also manage diseases before they reach serious levels. When you ignore simple symptoms and take long to visit a primary care doctor, there is a higher chance that you might be putting your health at risk and this will eventually force you into hospitalization which will end up being more costly and even worse, too late to be treated.

In conclusion, visiting a primary care doctor will save you time, money and keep you healthy for longer. If you or your loved ones are looking for a Primary care doctor, look no further than OnsiteMD!

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