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For most patients, the hardest part of finding urgent care in Dallas, Texas is the wait. Patients find themselves waiting for an appointment to open to get into the office. Then, they wait in the office lobby until they are called back. Their vitals are checked by the physician’s aides and then, the patient is left waiting once again for the physician. The time that follows with their physician is brief and, often times, concludes in a quick fix which may not be the overall best solution to an urgent health issue.

When we feel our worst, which is often the only time patients see their primary physician, we don’t want to be left waiting. Patients want a solution that will be quick and effective. They want care from a staff that understands their discomfort and a physician that is thorough and really seeks to resolve their current health issues. They want care that follows them through their illness or injury. Being near a major city and competing with thousands of others for urgent care from doctors in Dallas makes seeking out this ideal level of care difficult.

At Onsite MD, we seek to give our patients the most effective and thorough urgent care in Dallas, Texas. Whether it’s a sinus infection or a sprained ankle, the concierge doctors at Onsite MD are ready to give you comprehensive healthcare that’s tailored to your needs and condition.

With concierge urgent care, you can:

– Expect a conscientious approach to healthcare. Not only will your current health issues be met with effective solutions, but how your current condition relates to the rest of your wellbeing will be considered and treated preventatively as needed.

                – Access our physicians 24/7, 365 days of the year. No more waiting on weekday appointments when your health needs are immediate and no more worries about visiting unfamiliar doctors at emergency clinics. With Onsite MD, you will receive the care you expect and deserve from your doctor when you need it.

                – Anticipate longer visits with more questions answered. Concierge doctors limit their patient count to allow for more one on one time with patients when they need it. With concierge urgent care, you have more time to discuss symptoms, ask questions, consider treatment options and get a better comprehensive diagnosis that primary care doesn’t have the time to give!

– Relax with less fear of healthcare costs. When you become a member of Onsite MD, we work to make your doctor’s visits a less painful experience. With no copays, big discounts in medicine and lab tests, and unlimited doctor visits, you can rest easy when going to the doctor’s office becomes necessary to your immediate health.

Concerns about urgent care from doctors in Dallas is a common weight on patients’ minds. At Onsite MD, we hope to alleviate those worries for our patients by giving you the best, most affordable and stress-free urgent care in Dallas, Texas.

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